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Increase your sales with

Scent Marketing

Scent marketing has become an essential tool for building powerful brand identities in the mind of customers.


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 People immediately form an opinion based on smells. Scenting the areas customers has a direct contact triggers a specific emotion; bypasses defense systems when customers visits your business.

Scent Marketing | Miami | Boston | National Interior Solutions | Scent Branding
Scent Branding | Miami | Boston | National Interior Solutions | Scent Marketing

Smell is the only sense we cannot turn off.

Scent is personal and unexpected while customers are prepared to visual and auditory communication they are less prepared to be exposed to a brand smell. This gives scent marketing a unique ability/edge to differentiate brands.

“Among sense of humor, dress, attentiveness, competence and

sensitivity, scent plays role in determining ratings of attractiveness.”

What does scent marketing do for your business?

  • Increase of Perception on Quality

  • Increase a customer’s willingness to spend

  • Increase quality of service encounter

  • Increase of sales & trust of customers to the Brand

  • Sense of Pleasant Stay and Increase of Time Spent

  • Connection of brand/product to memories

  • Elevate mood and level of enjoyment

  • Differentiation from Competition

* Our specialists will help you to determine the right scent for your business specifics/demographics. Our scent is distributed evenly and subtly via either HVAC system or automated atomizing diffusers to enhance your business goals and customer satisfaction levels. Our team will walk you through the simple installation process and always one click/phone call away.

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