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Ice is food,


Ice machines get dirty, we clean them!

Dirty ice is a health issue and mineral build up can cause your ice machine to fail or perform poorly.


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Preventative Maintenance Program

We will check and clean all ice machine parts, remove any mold and mildew that is found in your machine. We provide water filter changes as well as a maintenance schedule insuring to have NO mold or bacteria in your ice.

When to clean?

If you notice that the size of ice cubes is smaller than normal, or the ice is soft, mushy or cloudy, these are indications that an ice machine is overdue for cleaning. Manufacturers recommend at least a semi-annual maintenance.


Looking to replace your old machine or add another one. We can help you pick and install the best unit for your needs and convenience. 

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Did you know that a busy establishment spends over $500 on replacement bagged ice & delivery on a busy night?

FACT: most ice machines breakdown emergencies we serviced could have been avoided with regular preventative maintenance programs. Lime, mineral and dust build up can change the taste while bacteria growth can contaminate the water turns into ice. 

What Our Clients Say 

1 Hotel South Beach | Miami | National Interior Solutions | Review | Ice Machine Maintenance

NIS have made a difference when it comes to service, especially when schedules need to be adjusted around so that operation is not effected.  Recommend NIS for all ice machine cleaning services. They will get it done!


EPA Section 608 Certified

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